- pyo

- pyono - precious babes - The top right is a fav of mine

Nari’s reaction when Rome ripped off his shirt

- same - nari - rome


Jessica, our ice princess, you’re finally 25 (26 in Korea)! How is that possible? It’s actually hard to believe that almost 7 years ago, you were 18 and stepping out on stage for the first time. Thank you for always making me and many other fans happy. You may be “lazy,” but I can tell that you really appreciate your fans and your 8 sisters, aside from your real one. People may find you cold, but I find you to be the cutest, most sincere person in SNSD. Keep on improving your singing and dancing abilities, Sooyeon. If you do that, you’ll become powerful! You always make me laugh and smile whether it be because of your jokes, your late reactions, your violent urges, or your “stupid” questions. Without you in my life, without you there, without you always being weird and funny, my life would be so boring. It would be worse than cucumbers! Haha. Even when people call you rude, i know you’re amazingly sweet and kind and you shouldn’t receive any hate at all! Thank you for being there for me in times of need. You’re one of my most favorite people and I think you deserve all the happiness in the world on this special day. Keep smiling, noona! It makes everything better. 사랑해요!
- jessica

- amber

[!]BlockB to be the next guest on ASC, April 22nd at 1 pm KST


• Send in questions with #AskBlockBASC on twitter

• Request your favorite music video with #RequestASC

• Send in your fanart & fan videos at afterschoolclub.arirang@gmail.com. Keep in mind that fanart files must be at least 720 pixels!

• Send in your Top Shot as well~

• Sign up for Hangout and/or Live Online Audience

Deadline for fanart,fanvideos and applications is Saturday April 19th at 8PM(KST)

- Not that I'll apply but if any of ya'll want to - I'll be up streaming it tho haha - block b


"what am i gonna do today hmMMMM"


- same - block b


a dystopian novel about some guy who works in the government and is just trying to get by while some shitty kids try and overthrow society

While Jay Park and Loco are surrounded by fan girls…

- loook at cute loco with fangiiirllsss - Simon d - loco - jay park



University of Jongup Classes

  • Dance: Teach Me How to Dougie
  • Health: How to Survive Solely off of Hamburgers
  • Geography: The Many Locations of Shakeshack
  • Theater/Drama: The Art of Pokerface by Moon Jongup
  • Health: Maintaining Your Sexy While Eating Hamburgers
  • English: Do…
- lmao - jongup