“hello, i’m block b’s wolf seduction.”

- WOLFS SEDUCTION WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU LEE MINHYUK GET THE FUCK OUT - im finally watching this rn haha - bbomb - imma cry i always like the weird ones


Oh Taehyung you’re so not-Idol-like:

”the camera is on me but I don’t give a fuck because I need to get the dirt out of my ear”

”I can’t continue this interview with this shit in my eye. I need to take a look at it…wow awesome. Okay Taehyung stop staring at the dirt of your eye and throw it away.”

”hey I’m Taehyung and you can’t see me on that red carpet because I had to pee……”

- love of my life tbh - taehyung


so sanrio has been releasing short cartoons of this character that is literally a lethargic egg yolk and i am in love

- daguhasuiojfIFBVSIEHUD - WHY IS THIS SO CUTE??? - ITS FUCKING adoaravble hoollllyyy wow cute wow - taehyung


Lee Jaehwan & Kim Wonsik in Dallas.

- ravi - ken

- kris


Kim Wonsik in Dallas.

- ravi


the best rant of 2014

- zico

I’ll hold you a bit more,
I’ll look at you more more more,
until my heart stops. - Kim Sunggyu (Paradise)

- sunggyu